The Meta packager

I'm really sorry, for this very ugly web site, but I've not enough time to construct better view. But I hope to do it later. For the moment, this site help you to get any reply to yours questions, and if you're any anothers, send me an email to Pascal Bart pbart AT
(Please, if you see any type error or big English error warn me too ;).

What is Meta packager ?

Meta Packager is a multi packager software, it helps you to create binary package for software deployment. Thus from only one description file, it will generate for you install package in all supported format.

For example: You have develope a software, which could be used by everyone, but you are not specialist of portability issue, so you compile your software on HP-UX, Open BSD, Debian, Red Hat, but you will not create all descriptions files for every native package for HP-UX, BSD, Debian, Red Hat, here mpkg help you, you write only one description file, which explain where are binaries files, what is your package name ... you call mpkg, and it generate you native package for HP-UX, BSD, ...

If you prefere create a shell-script install, that your problem, but tell you that native package solution are powerfull, and permit a lot of features like update, uninstall, standar directory, most of user don't like to install unknown package, which could destruct their system, whereas native package are secure.

What is the license of this software ?

This software is under GNU Public License (GPL), in its version number 2. You could get more information if you follow that link GNU Public License.

Where could I download it ?

That's a great question, for the moment I don't provide direct download from this web address, but that's should come later. Well, all depends of your wish, the most of you should see on, there you could get project summary, and download the latest release, or old stable release too. For your help, you could found any mailing list address, and other good help tools.
But, if you're a hacker, and you like alpha release and source code, see CVS repository see CVS informations.

How report a bug ?

Well, if you found any bugs, and I hope, you'll found any, send an email with good description of problem to mpkg-bugs AT, and if you have any time, we are happy to receive the patch, which deletes bug.

Who develop it ? and how could I contribute ?

I am the only one to develop Meta packager, this project was originally call EPM, but for differents reason, I need to change any things, but EPM maintenair didn't reply to my email, this is the reason why I've decide to create mpkg, and to diffuse my changes.
Anyone can help us, you need to create an account on SourceForge, and send me an email with the reason, why you would develop mpkg, and your qualifications, etc. And I will give you enough write to work on Meta packager.

What is the future of this software ?

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